Allan M. Due Ph.D.

63 Meadowpark Ave. N.          Stamford, CT 06905          (203) 968-1513

Summary of Qualifications

Internet Project Management Skills

Software Application Development and Computer Language Skills






Other Management and Data Analytic/Measurement Skills

Description of Relevant Experience


Assistant Professor Department of Psychology, Fordham University, Bronx, NY.


President, White Crow software productions Stamford, CT.    


President, Odin’s Crows (virtual domain hosting) Stamford, CT.   


Program Director, Psychometrics Program, Department of Psychology, Fordham University, Bronx, NY.


Project Director, Adaptive Test Development, Assessment Systems Corporation, St. Paul, MN

1987-1988, 1989-1990:

Research Coordinator, Vocational Assessment Project, University of Minnesota, MN.


Assistant Director, Vocational Psychology Research, University of Minnesota, MN.


Completed Ph.D. programs in both Psychometric Methods and Counseling Psychology, Department of Psychology, 1994, University of Minnesota, MN.

BA, 1978, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN Major: Psychology


Dawis, R. V., Dohm, T. E., Lofquist L. H., Chartrand, J. M., Due, A. M., (1987). Minnesota Occupational Classification System III. Minneapolis: Vocational Psychology Research, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota.

Reise, S. P., & Due, A. M. (1992). Test characteristics and their influence on the detection of aberrant response patterns. Applied Psychological Measurement, 15, 217-226

Memberships in Professional Associations

Psychometric Society
National Council on Measurement in Education
American Psychological Association, Division 5
American Psychological Society
American Educational Research Association
American Statistical Association
HTML writers guild
International Webmasters Association


Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 95, VMS, UNIX (FreeBSD), CP/M.
Software Expertise: SPSS, Word, FrontPage, O’Reilly’s WebSite and WebBoard, Access, Excel; Experience with Apache.

References Available on Request.

Personal Characteristics

Online Resume: WWW.Due.Net/resume.htm

Allan M. Due, Ph.D.

63 Meadowpark Ave. N.         Stamford, CT 06905          (203) 968-1513